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Steve Jobs makes mobile tech cool


 The late Steve Jobs has become one of the most ubiquitous individuals in information technology, and some say he has made being a geek cool. During his time as CEO of Apple Inc., he revolutionized mobile technology through his design, marketing, and creation of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Now it has been announced by that Ashton Kutcher is set to play Jobs in an upcoming biopic, starting with his time as a hippie in the 60’s to the time he co-founded Apple.

A film starring a Hollywood heartthrob is only going to increase the fervor surrounding Mr. Jobs, in the public and in the offices of other technology companies. A recent blog on the Wall Street Journal site talked about how it is becoming more and more common for CEO’s to use the Steve Jobs biography as a roadmap to success. Prasad Thammineni, the chief executive of a file-sharing start-up called Office Drop, is being called a Steve Jobs copycat by his employees for constantly sending them passages from the book and using the Apple CEO’s catchphrases.

“Some employees are teasing me about when I’ll start wearing black turtlenecks,” says Thammineni.

Jobs was a big influence on the mobile market, which is now expanding at a rate faster than anyone could have imagined. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like WebPal need to incorporate mobile capabilities in their products just so they can stay relevant.

“Mobile capabilities are more important than ever for ECM vendors and their clients. Users are creating large amounts of content on their mobile devices as these devices become more sophisticated. All ECM vendors need to have the capability to bring this content within the enterprise’s control,” said George Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group.

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