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Apple users: iPhone 5 and the FBI may be watching you


Apple Inc. continues to feed rumours that it will be launching the iPhone 5 on Sept 12 when they announced a media event for that date and hinted at the launch on Tuesday of this week. Invitations to the media displayed a shadow of the number 5 with the words “It’s almost here,” on it. The last time an iPhone model was released was in October 2011. There is also speculation that the company will announce a mini version of the iPad in late October.

Apple has always been at the top of the mobile market, and they have generated $50 billion in U.S. sales alone. Other companies have constantly struggled to keep up with them in terms of user accessibility and design. Security is increasingly becoming a concern for the company as they gain a larger customer base. Antisec, a “hacktivist” group, recently posted a blog indicating that the FBI may be tracking Apple users. The revelation came after an FBI agent’s computer was breached and a folder containing more than 12 million unique device identifiers (UDIDs) was discovered.

“If your UDID is on the list, you have reason to be very concerned,” said security consultant Aldo Cortesi. “When I looked at this issue I showed how using only a UDID it was possible to get access to private user information including friends lists, geolocation, information on what games you were playing and who you were chatting to. I was even able to take over Facebook and Twitter accounts, again using just a UDI.”

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Apple wins mobile tech battle


Apple won its long-fought battle with Samsung in regards to their patents claims, and it has taken the win as an opportunity for more injunctions against Samsung. The Globe and Mail reported that “On Monday, the company sought preliminary injunctions against eight older-model smartphones, including the Galaxy S2 and Droid Charge. Apple’s lawsuit had encompassed 28 devices…”

Apple will stay in news headlines for a while, as the expected launch of the iPhone 5 is September 12. Further, this could mean mobile technology innovation will be held to a higher standard, which could be good or bad for consumers.

“Competitors may not think twice about how they compete in smart mobility devices with the industry’s clear innovator,” says Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes. “If Apple forces competitors to innovate more, it could take longer for competitive products to come to market, and make it more expensive to develop them.”

The company was awarded $1.05 billion (US) in damages from the most recent court case.

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Mobility and the consumer


Smartphones and the rise of mobile services has changed the way we do business; It has enabled people to access all the essential elements of the office in one convenient place. Cloud content management systems like WebPal, that is accessible from your mobile device and connects with all your favourite apps, are making it easy to keep track of all your documents and files. According to an infographic on, website traffic from smartphones has increase 103 per cent over the last year. The two leading phones are Android and iPhone, and they are being used overwhelmingly on e-commerce sites.

Shopping is more and more becoming a digital activity, and smartphone shoppers tend to spend more than their desktop computer and laptop cohorts. To adjust, companies are making mobile accessible websites, mobile apps, mobile versions of email, mobile messaging campaigns and location-based targeting. Android has officially overtaken Apple in 2012 in global smartphone market share, standing at 61 per cent, while Apple sits at 20.5 per cent. Traffic to ecommerce websites has almost doubled for both makers. If you don’t want to get stuck without access to your important documents when you are away from the office, sign up for WebPal today.

Apple’s cloud problems


Apple services are often deemed to be at the top of the IT game, but their solid reputation has been shaken in the past week. The company has recently been focusing on providing their customers with a cloud service, called iCloud, which aggregates all your music, movies, TV shows and other content on the cloud so you can access it from your various devices. Despite claims by the company that security is their top concern for customers, there was a serious security breach for one customer.
Journalist Mat Honan’s iCloud account was compromised, which allowed hackers to use the Find My Mac and Find My iPhone features to remotely wipe his iPhone, iPad and Macbook air. Apparantly, the hackers were able to gain access by giving Mat’s name, address and the last four digits of his credit card, which they obtained from Amazon. The company admitted that “internal policies were not followed completely,” and they are “reviewing all of our processes” related to the incident. The best advice for avoiding a problem like this is to create unique passwords for all your accounts. WebPal is cognizant of your concerns relating to cloud security and we allow you to customize your system based on your requirements. By controlling who has access to your content management database and what kind of permissions they have, you know who will be accessing your content and when.
Meanwhile, Amazon’s new Cloud Player may give Apple a run for their money. Not only is it compatible with a wider range of devices, but premium customers can import and store up to 250,000 songs for an annual fee of $24.99; the iTunes service costs the same for access to 25 000 songs. The cloud is a prominent service offering and Apple will need to step up their game to meet the demand from consumers.

Google vs Apple: Mapping out mobility


How important is it to you to access information on the cloud from a mobile device? Most people would rate it very important and have tablets and smartphones to do so. One of the most used apps on smartphones and tablets is Google Maps, which is used by Blackberry and Android users, as well as Apple users until a couple weeks ago. Apple announced it would no longer carry Google Maps on its phones and would have its own Apple service.

Although Apple is one of the biggest tech giants in the world, there are still plenty of space for them to fail in the map market. It is a very complicated process, consolidating maps for locations all over the world. Google has spent years developing this service, including their streetview feature. They have acquired a lot of companies with mapping features, but if it cannot meet or exceed the Google Maps app, “it will irk their power users,” who put weight behind Apple’s success.

Google can’t be happy about the change, because as one commentator writes “Being in maps and getting that data affects Google’s revenue from things like sponsored links, and it affects search quality.”

The mobile market is constantly growing and there are countless ways for vendors to reach consumers. Accessibility and ease of use will always affect who succeeds and who fails. WebPal understands that you need to access your important documents from your mobile device. Not only does it provide access in a secure environment, it can also connect with many of your favourite apps.

Steve Jobs makes mobile tech cool


 The late Steve Jobs has become one of the most ubiquitous individuals in information technology, and some say he has made being a geek cool. During his time as CEO of Apple Inc., he revolutionized mobile technology through his design, marketing, and creation of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Now it has been announced by that Ashton Kutcher is set to play Jobs in an upcoming biopic, starting with his time as a hippie in the 60’s to the time he co-founded Apple.

A film starring a Hollywood heartthrob is only going to increase the fervor surrounding Mr. Jobs, in the public and in the offices of other technology companies. A recent blog on the Wall Street Journal site talked about how it is becoming more and more common for CEO’s to use the Steve Jobs biography as a roadmap to success. Prasad Thammineni, the chief executive of a file-sharing start-up called Office Drop, is being called a Steve Jobs copycat by his employees for constantly sending them passages from the book and using the Apple CEO’s catchphrases.

“Some employees are teasing me about when I’ll start wearing black turtlenecks,” says Thammineni.

Jobs was a big influence on the mobile market, which is now expanding at a rate faster than anyone could have imagined. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like WebPal need to incorporate mobile capabilities in their products just so they can stay relevant.

“Mobile capabilities are more important than ever for ECM vendors and their clients. Users are creating large amounts of content on their mobile devices as these devices become more sophisticated. All ECM vendors need to have the capability to bring this content within the enterprise’s control,” said George Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group.

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Will patents become a problem for the mobile industry?


Most inventors and entrepreneurs understand just how complicated patent assertion is. People can patent or trademark things that they were not involved in creating, or they can patent a single part of a larger mechanism that already has a patent. Such stipulations may cause some serious havoc in the mobile industry in the future.

Currently the European Union is investigating patent assertion claims from all over Europe, involving Samsung, Motorola Mobility, Microsoft, and Apple. Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are complaining about Motorola Mobility Holdings, and Samsung Electronics Co. is facing an EU antitrust probe into its licensing of patents to other mobile-phone manufacturers.

“To build a smartphone, one needs thousands of standard-essential patents,” says Joaquin Almunia, the EU’s competition commissioner. “Any company that holds these patents can effectively hold up the entire industry with the threat of banning the products or competitors from the market.”

A report from M-Cam, a patent advisory service, also warns about the risk to the market when enforcing patents.

“Patent assertion can ultimately lead to blocking the sale of a product, or, at the very least, an innovation tariff that drags down earnings,” says the report.

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