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How Bus Transportation to meet Pope Francis is Made Possible

23-09-2015 Rachel

The World Meeting of Families 2015 is officially underway, with Pope Francis currently in Washington DC, and making his way to Philadelphia on Saturday, September 26th through Sunday, September 27th. The WMOF will bring together hundreds of thousands of families, and over 150 nations represented. With the Congress taking place now, and closing events including the Festival of Families on September 26th, and the Papal Mass to be held on Sunday, September 27th, it is anticipated that 1.5 million people will attend the Sunday Mass alone.


Palomino is working with GO GROUND, the official transportation management partner of the WMOF, to develop a web portal for the transportation logistics for all private and commercial charter buses for the Papal visit this weekend. After months of development, the portal allows trip organizers, passengers and bus operators to register, book seats, locate event locations, parking spots, and routes, track GPS coordinates of bus drivers, issue parking credentials and permits, all using the WebPal Cloud Server platform.

We are not doing this all alone. The GO GROUND portal has been integrated with Stripe and Acceptiva for payment processing, Glympse to track the GPS coordinates of drivers, as well as Twilio for SMS text messaging and real time updates.

To date, there have been over 100,000 passengers registered via the WebPal GO GROUND portal, planning over 2,500 bus movements from hundreds of Parishes.

Overall, the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia is projected to be the single largest bus transportation event in the history of North America. The Palomino team is very proud to be the technology provider for this event and welcome Pope Francis to Philadelphia!

For more information on the World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia 2015, visit and see the Palomino GO GROUND press release here.

The Toronto Commute Just Got More Mobile

13-12-2013 Chris

Toronto commuters are getting a connectivity boost with an extra dose of WiFi while in the subway system.

This week, a free ad-supported WiFi service was launched at two Toronto stations – Bloor and Yonge and Saint George stations. Riders will have to watch a 15 second advertisement in order to access the free WiFi network as part of the TTC’s agreement with BAI Canada Inc., who will build the WiFi  network over the next 20 years. Next steps toward a truly mobile Toronto will involve enabling cellular phone service underground, but the TTC is still in talks with major wireless service providers.

While Torontonians are focusing on making their commutes more mobile, there is a New York City initiative to create a free WiFi network that spans the entire city. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced on Tuesday the launch of a free public 24/7 WiFi network in Harlem, making it the largest of its kind in the United States. The project will developed in partnership between community development organization, Harlem Children’s Zone, and Sky Packets, a wireless network provider. It’s part of Mayor Bloomberg’s wider WiFi plan, which included announcing a WiFi network in 5 burroughs within the city in September of this year.

Initiatives like these are necessary to keep up with the mobile world, which has given rise to the “anytime-anywhere-worker.” 29 per cent of today’s workforce can be characterized as such, and Forrester predicts 905 million tablets will be in use by 2017. We recently wrote a blog which analyzed the Digital Divide in Canada, and a report released earlier this year by researchers at Western University says that Canada isn’t doing enough to provide access to internet for all Canadians regardless of their socioeconomic background. A Statscan report released in early November says that at times, only 28 per cent of  Canadians living in the smallest income bracket have internet access at home. This recent free WiFi initiative is one step to changing that, and we are excited to see Toronto getting on board with the mobile access revolution.

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The tablet office: are businesses ready for Windows 8?


Tablets and smartphones have made it possible for businesses to operate beyond the office life that exists between the hours of 9am and 5pm. So far, Apple has dominated the mobile market, especially with their iPad tablet. But alternatives to Apple and the ailing Blackberry are beginning to emerge, and they are focusing on creating products that can be used in the workplace. One example is Microsoft and their planned release of Windows 8. The new software will be a “tablet-optimized” version of their operating system that will attempt to bridge the gap between mobile devices and desktops. As long as cloud content management systems like WebPal are in place, a hybrid model is possible for businesses.

“We’re in a transitionary space right now, where we’re almost giving up the desk to become very mobile,” says Quocirca principal analyst Rob Bamforth. “But it’s still difficult to call whether people will prefer something entirely tablet-like or the legacy keyboard.”

One person who is confident in the powers of Windows 8 to rejuvenate the company is Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. He “thinks the potential of Windows 8 is on par with Windows 95, one of the most important software releases in the past two decades,” and may even surpass it. Since Microsoft is doing a complete overhaul of their products to accommodate the changes Windows 8 will bring, expectations ought to be high for the software.

I need a cloud content management system, STAT


The cloud computing and content management industries are gaining steam, and one industry that stands to benefit in a major way is healthcare. WebPal is engaged in various healthcare-oriented projects, as are many other cloud content management systems. The healthcare industry involves extensive paper work and document management is crucial to maintain accurate and reliable patient records, hospital records, insurance records and more. Using a cloud content management system would help automate many administrative functions within hospitals and enable easier access to records by patients and doctors alike.

Platforms like WellFX is launching a social-engagement platform that will be hosted by Amazon on the cloud. Patients will use the platform to form communities to discuss conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. There will also be staff-only community groups to allow healthcare providers  discuss best practices of care.

One of the biggest dilemma’s facing healthcare is early detection of disease and symptoms. Many healthcare providers are hoping that developing mobile apps and cloud-based systems will encourage patients to monitor their health more closely. The FDA recently approved a censor that will be used by patients experiencing non-life-threatening irregular heartbeats and will send information to a doctor’s iPad or laptop for real-time monitoring. Hopefully, more technologies like this will emerge in the years to come and the cloud will become an integral aspect of healthcare for future generations.

eHealth: Document management in healthcare


There is little question that the healthcare industry relies heavily on proper documentation. From patient care, to billing, to insurance forms, and appointment calendars, hospitals and health clinics can easily become burdened by an excess of paper documents and an unorganized document management system. The inefficiency this creates can have a detrimental impact on the quality of care that organizations provide, can result in a misdiagnosis or an unnecessary delay in treatment. As the most important industry impacting our well-being, the healthcare industry is looking towards the future with improved documentation systems.

WebPal Cloud Content Management works closely with major healthcare providers and we understand their document management needs. Palomino Inc. has distinguished themselves through their work with major organizations like the Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT, Alberta Health Services and Sick Kids. A recent trial of the WebPal system at the Algonquin College nursing school showed some noticeable changes in the quality of care.

There was more time for the nurse to chat with the patient to get a more holistic picture [of the patients needs,]” says Markus Latzel, President and CEO of Palomino Inc.

For more information on what information does for efficiency within an organization, please visit our features page.

Apple users: iPhone 5 and the FBI may be watching you


Apple Inc. continues to feed rumours that it will be launching the iPhone 5 on Sept 12 when they announced a media event for that date and hinted at the launch on Tuesday of this week. Invitations to the media displayed a shadow of the number 5 with the words “It’s almost here,” on it. The last time an iPhone model was released was in October 2011. There is also speculation that the company will announce a mini version of the iPad in late October.

Apple has always been at the top of the mobile market, and they have generated $50 billion in U.S. sales alone. Other companies have constantly struggled to keep up with them in terms of user accessibility and design. Security is increasingly becoming a concern for the company as they gain a larger customer base. Antisec, a “hacktivist” group, recently posted a blog indicating that the FBI may be tracking Apple users. The revelation came after an FBI agent’s computer was breached and a folder containing more than 12 million unique device identifiers (UDIDs) was discovered.

“If your UDID is on the list, you have reason to be very concerned,” said security consultant Aldo Cortesi. “When I looked at this issue I showed how using only a UDID it was possible to get access to private user information including friends lists, geolocation, information on what games you were playing and who you were chatting to. I was even able to take over Facebook and Twitter accounts, again using just a UDI.”

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Apple wins mobile tech battle


Apple won its long-fought battle with Samsung in regards to their patents claims, and it has taken the win as an opportunity for more injunctions against Samsung. The Globe and Mail reported that “On Monday, the company sought preliminary injunctions against eight older-model smartphones, including the Galaxy S2 and Droid Charge. Apple’s lawsuit had encompassed 28 devices…”

Apple will stay in news headlines for a while, as the expected launch of the iPhone 5 is September 12. Further, this could mean mobile technology innovation will be held to a higher standard, which could be good or bad for consumers.

“Competitors may not think twice about how they compete in smart mobility devices with the industry’s clear innovator,” says Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes. “If Apple forces competitors to innovate more, it could take longer for competitive products to come to market, and make it more expensive to develop them.”

The company was awarded $1.05 billion (US) in damages from the most recent court case.

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Mobility and the consumer


Smartphones and the rise of mobile services has changed the way we do business; It has enabled people to access all the essential elements of the office in one convenient place. Cloud content management systems like WebPal, that is accessible from your mobile device and connects with all your favourite apps, are making it easy to keep track of all your documents and files. According to an infographic on, website traffic from smartphones has increase 103 per cent over the last year. The two leading phones are Android and iPhone, and they are being used overwhelmingly on e-commerce sites.

Shopping is more and more becoming a digital activity, and smartphone shoppers tend to spend more than their desktop computer and laptop cohorts. To adjust, companies are making mobile accessible websites, mobile apps, mobile versions of email, mobile messaging campaigns and location-based targeting. Android has officially overtaken Apple in 2012 in global smartphone market share, standing at 61 per cent, while Apple sits at 20.5 per cent. Traffic to ecommerce websites has almost doubled for both makers. If you don’t want to get stuck without access to your important documents when you are away from the office, sign up for WebPal today.

Business and pleasure all in your mobile device


The business world becomes more mobile as smartphones and mobile devices become more sophisticated.  Any software that increases efficiency and is accessible from a mobile device becomes valuable for productivity and taking companies to the next level. App developers create programs that can help you do almost anything, and the retail and gaming industrys are changing their approach to business as a result.

Sony recently announced their plans to introduce PlayStation Mobile in the fall of this year. The gaming platform will only be available on certain Android devices, including many of the HTC One series, certain Xperia models and Sony tablets.

Meanwhile, many of the most well-known retail brands in the United States – Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target – are cooperatively developing a mobile application that allows customers to make purchases from their mobile device. It will be available for nearly any smartphone and will allow customers to use coupons, rebates and loyalty programs.

“We’re confident that together we can develop a technology solution that makes [the shopping experience] more engaging, convenient and efficient,” says Mark Williams, president of financial services for Best Buy.

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Mobile Olympic Dreams


Many people have entertained olympic aspirations at some point in their lives, even if you have relatively no athletic ability. We all imagine what it would be like to be an Olympic athlete in those crucial moments leading up and following those life defining competitions. With the prominence of mobile technology, we are finally getting that taste of world-class competition from a first-hand perspective.

“Athletes are spending a lot more time on their hand-held devices updating followers throughout the day,”
says Canadian athlete Karen Cockburn.

More than 150 Canadian athletes are using Twitter by posting photos and reactions during their events and from the Olympic village in London. London 2012 is being called the first “social games,” as approximately 400 million tweets are being sent out daily, compared to 300 000 during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The sheer number of people tweeting live from their mobile device is disrupting internet service in the area, which has caused issues for broadcasters. Some reported being unable to access racers’ times during cycling events because of service disruptions.

“We don’t want to stop people engaging in this by social media and sending updates, but perhaps they might consider only sending urgent updates,” says Olympic Communication Director Mark Adams.

The UK’s five main mobile carriers are working with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) to plan out the data requirements to accomodate increased mobile traffic in event areas.

“The demands that will be placed on the networks will be like having four royal weddings per day for 17 consecutive days,” says Stuart Newstead, chair of Mobile Experience group.

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