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In consideration of cloud security


Cloud content management has grown in leaps and bounds in a very short period of time, but the security of the cloud has yet to reach the same level of maturity. It is the main reason some companies are cloud shy, and is often cited as a main focus for CIO’s.

CompTIA has released its ninth annual “Information Security Trends” study and it has found that although many U.S. companies now trust the cloud enough to use it, 58 per cent won’t put confidential company data on their cloud servers.

A Trend Micro Inc. event was held in Toronto on Tuesday for Canadian Cloud Security Awareness Week that discussed some ways companies can beef up their cloud security.

“We’ve started building security profiles, security protection, around each piece of data and around each workload,” says Steve Quane from Trend Micro, who says these changes are important because of the mobility of data.

“If the data can’t defend itself no matter where it goes, your security model is going to be insuffient.”

The director of systems engineers at VMware, David Tooners, says CIO’s need to start thinking of “the various cloud models – private, SaaS applications and public cloud platforms – as one unit.”

“All of these components add up to what you should be thinking of as ‘your cloud,’” he says.

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