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Successful collaboration requires central Content Management that can be trusted and relied on. Take a look at the WebPal tool kit and the type of solutions it can provide for your organization.

Research Data Management

As an ORION nebula cloud partner, we would like to offer you a FREE research document management account and conference and event website, on our secure WebPal Cloud Server platform. 

Features include: 

  • A free event, conference, and workshop website- pre-templated and ready to plug in your content
  • 10TB of document management storage per ORION connected institution
  • Manage, collaborate, back up, and share your content with ease 
  • Data resides in an Ontario data centre, on our secure, private cloud
  • Deployed over the ORION network
  • Tri-Council compliant

Contact us today to find out more about WebPal Cloud Server at 1-855-200-0320, and register for your RDM account below.

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