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The Web Node

The web node is the top-level container for the entire web site containing all of the content, design temaplates and access controls.


The web node is the starting point of any webpal document. It contains: A chapters node to contain all the actual content of your site; A design node with the layout, colours, and images; Some settings in a settings-node.

Where to use this node


    namerequiredThe name of the site, usually determined on set-up and in lower-case, e.g. "acmeinc". Should never be changed.

    Sub Nodes

    accesswpAccessThis controls users and groups for access to parts or the whole of your site.
    settingswpWebsettingsGlobal settings for the site are maintained here.
    designwpDesignEach design is a template for layout and design that can be used by content contributors.
    chapterswpChapterListAll content is stored in child nodes of this node.